Kenney Ridge is an intentional conservation community located on 132 acres of rolling woods and farmland in northwestern Clarke County . An 80-year-old farmhouse, situated on one of the highest points in the county, has served as our community center until now. We are currently designing a new community center, which will be more centrally located next to the playing field and community garden.

Ridgers celebrating a high school graduation
Ridgers celebrating a high school graduation

The Land

Kenney Ridge includes 53.6 acres of common land in six parcels. One 17-acre wooded tract has a long hiking trail and two springs, whose flow meanders through steep terrain before entering into the Middle Oconee River. This parcel and another have been placed under conservation easements by the Kenney Ridge Community Association (KRCA) as an expression of its commitment to the stewardship of the land, the maintenance of its natural landscape, and the preservation of its function as wildlife habitat. A walker’s paradise, Kenney Ridge offers trails accessible for both day and night trekking.

The Kenney Ridge area was once the home of a Native American tribe. Read about their leader by clicking the Tallassee King link.

Kenney Ridge is comprised of 29 two-acre lots and two five-acre lots. One lot, donated to the Athens Land Trust, will be developed to provide affordable housing. Twenty-two families now live at Kenney Ridge and more homes are currently under construction. At this time, all undeveloped lots have been sold.

Part of the Kenney Ridge common land
Part of the Kenney Ridge common land

Green Building

KRCA promotes environmental responsibility, both at Kenney Ridge and beyond. Lot owners are encouraged to build energy-efficient houses that use renewable and recycled resources and that fit in naturally with their surroundings.


While privacy is valued and honored, we seek to foster a supportive community at Kenney Ridge. Meetings for planning, business, and social purposes began years ago, even before development actually started. From potlucks to pick-up basketball games, community work projects to communal bonfires, opportunities abound for residents to work and play together.
Overall, community members seek to help each other live a more sustainable lifestyle by minimizing environmental impact and “living lightly on the earth.” More than just a subdivision, Kenney Ridge is a real community and a true neighborhood, where neighbors know and care about each other.