• Yoga on Fire Ant Field, Wednesdays at 9am
• Tai Chi at the Fire Ant Field pavilion, Saturdays at 10am

Pizza Night at Cedar Commons, October 28, 6pm
• Annual Meeting, Sunday, January 30, 2022, 4pm

Check out the Google calendar for more events and updates.

Reserve Cedar Commons/Fire Ant Field for your event

STEP 1: 

Fill out and submit this form. Of note: the usage fee is $20 for the first 2 hours (or less). An additional $10 per hour is charged for durations of greater than two hours. The security deposit is no longer required.


Place your check for usage fee total, payable to KRCA, in the KRCA mailbox and email treasurer, Dave Slutsky, to let him know it’s there.


Please email Kate Blane, to confirm your reservation.

By renting the Community Center, you are agreeing to:

Clean up after your event within 3 days of rental. Please see the clean-up list (also posted on the Cedar Commons refrigerator). Highlights:
• Take home dirty towels/tablecloths and return cleaned
Wipe table/counter tops
 Sweep under tables/carpet sweep playroom
• Clean bathrooms/flush toilets
Take trash/recyclables from bathrooms and kitchen
Turn on dishwasher
• Reset AC
• Turn off lights
• Lock doors

Follow the Cedar Commons Policies & Procedures, highlights are:
• Community member must be present for the event
• No more than 30 people inside (temporary reduction from 49 due to the pandemic)
• Follow the curfew rules
• Park on right side of street (use parking signs to direct guests)
• No personal rental events intended for fundraising, personal profit or organizational profit or where there is an expectation for payment or fees or tickets (reimbursement of usage fees and costs associated with the event are not considered “for profit”)