This page is a work in progress. The intent is to make clear what is permitted on the various conservation easements in and around Kenney Ridge. A simple description and map are planned for this space for convenience. There are several legal documents linked below with full descriptions. 

Essentially, there are 3 different easements. One is to protect the 17 acre common area that includes the two springs and woods behind the houses of Hunter-Edwards, Hinds/Porter, etc. The second is for the Three Oaks Common. These easements were put in place at the end of 1997. The third was done in 2003 when Kenney Ridge Development Group purchased the property and did a conservation subdivision.

The documents are very long and wordy but much of it is boiler plate. What is negotiated individually per tract and thus the most pertinent are sections close to the beginning of the documents where they outline the Permitted and Prohibited Uses. These were negotiated at the time the conservation easements were put in place based on what the landowner(s) wanted to allow and restrict. The first two from 1997 were not very specific about things like biking, horses, etc. but you’ll see that the restrictions were more specific in the later one. The one for 2003 has two zones–the one which includes the open field where we stargaze, etc. and the area that includes the perimeter trail. They allow for different activities in those zones.